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Rule of thirds.

Use gridlines to help you frame your shot.

The rule of thirds is perhaps the most popular compositional technique, as it is very easy to master. It involves imagining a nine-section grid over your scene and using the lines to help you position your subject. It
is suggested that you place the main focal point over one of the intersecting points of the grid, as this is where the viewer's eye is likely to be drawn to first. If you are taking a landscape photo, then you can also use the
horizontal lines of the grid to position the horizon in either the top or bottom third. If you're struggling to picture the grid, many cameras have a gridlines display function that you can switch on and use instead.

Where should I put the horizon? Top tips for composing landscapes.

Top of the frame.

If the foreground is the most important part of the scene, position the horizon in the top third of your photo to draw attention to it and remove any expanse of dull sky.

Bottom of the frame.

If your vista has an interesting sky, position the horizon in the bottom third of your photo to show it off, but be sure not to cut out any important foreground detail.

Middle of the frame.

If the sky and foreground are equally important, position the horizon along the centre. If your scene is reflected in a lake or river, this will also help to create symmet

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