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How should I compose my portraits?

I really enjoy taking photos of my children and friends, but I’m never quite sure how to compose my shots. They often end up looking quite dull and unflattering, so have you got any tips on how I should frame my people photos?
How should I compose my portraits?

When you are taking a portrait shot, the first thing you will need to consider is how much of your subject you want to include in your photograph.
Do you want a full body shot or a close-up containing just their head and shoulders? If you are cropping in closer, then make sure you haven’t chopped off any important parts of your subject, such as their forehead or hands. Get your model to pose in different ways and experiment with different angles, making sure that the background of your shot is not distracting. You can also look for lead-in lines and natural frames to draw attention to your subject, or even try using props to add a bit more interest and personality.

Try positioning your subject to one side of the frame. This follows the rule of thirds which suggests that having your subject off-centre makes for a more interesting composition.
Flattering angle
Shooting photos at eye level or from a high angle is the most flattering position for your subject, as a low angle will often accentuate their nose and chin.

Eye contact
Get your model to look at the camera for an intimate photo, or break eye contact for a more natural, candid shot. If you are outside, shoot in the shade so that they are not squinting.

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